Tuesday, June 21, 2005


No, I am not about to share with you my most embarrassing moment, although I have a plethora of them. Rather, I have been reading the book entitled Humility by Andrew Murray of late. It is exactly the type of deep literature for which I was thirsting. His writings are challenging me to dive deeper into my relationship with Christ. Oh! how I realize how much I have yet to learn and how much I need to be spurred on towards new growth. It is one of those books where I need to read and re-read every few sentences to let the profundity of the words sink deep into my soul.

More quotes from this great book will most likely follow, but for now, here are two to whet your appetite:

"Believer! study the humility of Jesus. This is the secret, hidden root of your redemption. Sink down into it more deeply day by day. Believe with your whole heart that Christ--whom God has given us--will work in us, making us what the Father wants us to be."

"It was because this humility was not only a temporary sentiment--wakened up and brought into exercise when He thought of God--but the very spirit of His whole life, that Jesus was just as humble in His fellowship with men as with the Father. He counted Himself the Servant of God for the men whom God made and loved. As a natural consequence, He counted Himself the Servant of men, that through Him the Father might do His work of love. He never for a moment thought of seeking His honor, or asserting His power to vindicate Himself. His whole spirit was that of a life yielded to God that He might work in it."