Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Babylon

An artist's creative rendition of ancient Babylon:
One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

My Babylon

Meaningless. Everything other than what brings You glory seems meaningless to me.

It is frightening. Sometimes I am dreadfully afraid because I am immersed in a culture that makes decrees against Your statues and stands up for everything I stand against.

And I am left to wonder where my place is in this big, cold, empty world where I am often found standing alone.

I am in the heart of my Babylon. The exact place from which I want to run far away and never look back.

Then I realize I have no place to run. Babylon surrounds me; the only light that penetrates the darkness is inside me.

So I must stand and let You shine your light through me, even though it is painfully uncomfortable at times because I look and feel and think differently from the world. At first I can only emit a flicker of light and I fear my Babylon will overcome it—overcome me. What if my Babylon squelches any potential for hope?

But You refuse to let that happen because You have called me to stand here for a reason. I cannot tell whether I affect my Babylon, not just yet, although I can say something powerful is beginning in me. I purpose in my heart to stand unwaveringly and never be shaken, even when I am shaking from fear or downtrodden by discouragement. Because everything else I see around me in the heart of my Babylon is meaningless.

I only desire to cling to You.
Keep me clinging to You.