Friday, October 03, 2008

Chemical Pride

Staring at the mirror into the eyes of sin's deceitfulness, the bleak image pierces my flesh and blinds my soul's eyes. Shrinking back from the sordid sight, my soul wallows, then withers in the waves of chemical pride. The reflected image inverts and distorts until Power appears placid and person appears powerful. Chemical pride pulsates through the veins, cutting and carving its vain portrait into the soul's caverns.

O, wretched beast, once beautiful and blessing! What has become of your blessed estate?

Chemical choked cries for deliverance from death; kingdom of self disintegrates and crumbles. Beauty beheld is a balm to brokenness. The reflected image inverts and clarifies until servant submits and Righteousness reigns.

This is the Resurrection Power of the Risen Lord, saving and satisfying the repentant soul!